About Professional Insurance Evaluations

Licensed California Public Insurance Adjuster, DOI #2C81994 Claims Adjuster California

At Professional Insurance Evaluations, we know insurance policies and property claims inside and out. Our executive staff is comprised of professional insurance claims adjusters giving us inside knowledge of the claims adjustment process, allowing for full policy claims recovery for our clients.

Our Executive General Adjuster Kevin Dawson, was a leading innovator in developing and applying property claims techniques that were utilized nationally in his corporate career. In 2006 he made legal precedent for his representation on Kacha vs. Allstate Insurance Company, a case that changed insurance coverage disputes in California property claims appraisals.  Kevin is considered the foremost adjuster on business claims.

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and serving all of Northern California and Southern California including San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Contra Costa County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and LA County, Professional Insurance Evaluations can help with all your insurance policy property claims and to develop a claims strategy for your recovery.  We also specialize in protecting property owners from mistreatment by helping with claims from the California FAIR Plan Association.