Paradise Camp Fire Assistance and Resources

How can a public adjuster help Camp Fire claims disputes?

If you were affected by the Camp Fire in Paradise, make sure to seek assistance when needed. Many of the claims tasks can be undertaken by the insurance client but your best efforts may result in the recovery of 60% of policy benefits.

Difficult recovery efforts face the policyholder when full benefits are sought. The insurance company will use their trained staff and consultants to suppress the recovery of full policy benefits.

Professional Insurance Evaluations, utilizing the skills of insider Kevin K. Dawson, an industry-known highly skilled innovative fire insurance adjuster, will maximize the recovery of known and projected policy benefits.

Kevin K. Dawson worked as a General Adjuster with insurance industry giants for over 20 years, handling Oakland Firestorm, Emerald Bay, Malibu and Laguna wildfire firestorm claims disputes.

Experience, integrity, creativity and analytical fact finding are the virtues needed by a qualified adjuster.

The ability to rebut the position of the insurer on coverage and value disputes requires factual evidence and strength of conviction.

Professional Insurance Evaluations, representing the property owners, all claims are personally investigated, compiled, submitted and recovered on behalf of the insured client by Executive General Adjuster Kevin K. Dawson.

Expertise in effective claims handling has resulted in five published decisions providing consumer rights in California.

After the Loss

  • Immediate replacement of the residence with temporary housing is the first step in recovery.
  • Lease should be for the maximum time allowed under your policy as it will be at least 2 years before you return home.
  • Replace essential personal property.
  • Assemble the Contents (personal property) inventory on a replacement cost basis and actual cash value.
  • The inventory should be done by room and list all furniture, furnishings and clothing.
  • The contents of each closet, drawer and cabinet must be thorough.
  • Clothing, Kitchen and Garage inventory should be carefully constructed to recover full value.
  • The replacement cost or value of the residence must be determined by the cost to repair, replace, rebuild or acquisition cost of another residence. Compliance with California Insurance Code section 2051 must occur. (View CA Insurance Code, Sec. 2051)
  • Reduction of property taxes due to damage and destruction must be applied through the Butte County Assessor. (Download: Calamity Application Form)
  • A Change of Mailing address must be kept current. (Download: Butte County Form CAA-FC01 for 2019)
  • Debris Removal through government or private vendors. (View upcoming debris removal meeting schedule)
  • If a dispute with the insurance carrier arises, steps in resolving that dispute are limited. Retention of a qualified public adjuster with Professional Insurance Evaluations is the best avenue to a proper recovery.

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