Independent Appraiser

Independent Insurance Appraiser Serving San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, San Diego, Palm Springs, Riverside County

As an independent appraiser, Professional Insurance Evaluations can estimate the losses in an insurance policy claim to help determine the extent of the claim. In cases of disputes with your insurance company we will assist in recovery under the policy appraisal provision. California Insurance Code #2071 provides for mandatory binding appraisal of disputes on damage evaluation.

An appraiser is one who sets a value on real or personal property, the most common usage relates to real estate appraisals to describe a person specially appointed to put a valuation on property.  Insurance appraisals are different and highly specialized. Protect your interests with the right help.

As an independent insurance appraiser for property insurance, Professional Insurance Evaluations can value the damage on personal and commercial property policies. We can act as your designated appraiser under California Insurance Code #2071 or as your advocate as your Public Adjuster.

If you need help with an insurance policy claim in California, call us to today for insurance policy claim appraisal.