Services We Provide

Professional Insurance Evaluations Services Will Maximize Your Property Claims and Insurance Policy Claims in California and the San Francisco Bay Area

Professional Insurance Evaluations offers the following services to help you maximize your insurance claims.

Claims Adjuster

Professional Insurance Evaluations is a company that represents those with insurance policies as a public adjuster in the investigation and valuation of your damages helping to maximize your property insurance claim recovery.  We help maximize property claims as public adjusters.

Insurance Policy Analysis

Professional Insurance Evaluations knows the insurance industry inside and out and can help explain what is and what is not covered in your insurance policy and assist in resolving coverage disputes.

Independent Appraisal

As an independent appraiser, Professional Insurance Evaluations can estimate the losses in an insurance policy claim to help determine the extent of the claim. In cases of disputes with your insurance company we will assist in recovery under the policy appraisal provision.

Claims Recovery

Professional Insurance Evaluations maximizes your insurance policy claims by knowing exactly what is covered in your policy, determining the extent of the damage, and aiding you in any disputed claims resolution process.

Fire Insurance Claims

Professional insurance Evaluations can help with your claims resulting from fire damage. In the event of a fire, often times the damage is severe and the claims large, we can help recover your losses for known and unknown hidden damages to real and personal property.

Business Interruption Claims

Business interruption insurance protects policy holders from losses due to the interruption of business operations. Time element losses of business income, extra expenses, loss of rents or additional living expense are measured and valued.

Expert Witness

An insurance expert witness provides support in a legal case by having knowledge about insurance, claims handling, and insurance policy coverage analysis that can be relied upon in litigation of disputed claims.

Catastrophe Expert

Professional Insurance Evaluations is an expert in insurance policy claims resulting from catastrophe property damage. General adjuster, Kevin Dawson worked on insurance claims resulting from Hurricane Katrina, the San Diego Cedar Fire, and California wild fires and many other catastrophes during his long career serving policy holders and insurance companies.

Water, Smoke, Storm, Vandalism, Vehicle, Explosion Damage Claims

Professional Insurance Evaluations can help recover insurance policy holder claims resulting from water, smoke, storm, vandalism, vehicle, and explosion damage to property and time element losses.